CAPE TOWN, 04 September 2023 – Dream Hotels & Resorts (DHR) is celebrating the official re-opening of the new natural spring water pools at Avalon Springs Resort. 

Based in Montagu in the Western Cape, the Resort is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere and crystalline pools filled with mineral-rich spring water originating from deep underground. 

“Visitors have flocked to this area for decades to soak away stress and soothe their aches and ailments in the water from this ‘miracle spring’,” says Gavin Hatherley, General Manager of Avalon Springs Resort. 

“Our mineral water-filled pools have long been a huge draw since the 80s, but admittedly, our beloved Resort has remained largely unchanged since then. This refurbishment was much needed and forms part of our promise to preserve Avalon’s long-standing legacy for future generations.

Since the start of 2023, Hatherley and his team have been hard at work, focusing predominantly on upgrading the pool area and a selection of facilities to enhance the guest experience. 

“Aside from increasing the number of pools available, we also cleared out several outdated structures to open up the space. Arrive at Avalon Springs Resort today, and you’ll be delighted to discover an upmarket destination for overnight guests and day visitors.

“We further leaned into a more natural, relaxed aesthetic with pathways, fences, and facilities carefully re-designed to blend into the natural environment. Guests can now enjoy our new pool bar, Dassie’s Cove, which pays homage to our resident rock hyraxes (dassies). New menus are soon to be released.”

As for the star attraction – the swimming pools – Hatherley ensures that visitors can still soak in the natural spring water. Depending on the ambient temperature, Avalon Spring Resort’s pool temperatures range between 29°C and 36.5°C, providing ample choice for bathers depending on how warm or cool they want to go. 

“You may find a few changes on your next return, but rest assured that you can still enjoy our mineral-rich spring water, which is as perfect as it has always been,” Hatherley adds. “We’re excited to embark on this new chapter and welcome back return guests, but also new guests who may not have thought to holiday with us before,” he concludes. 

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Founded in 1988, our mission at Dream Hotels & Resorts is to deliver dynamic and exceptional hospitality solutions in Africa that connect local and global travellers to our communities in a sustainable and relevant manner. With a growing portfolio of over 22 properties, including exclusive membership and ownership opportunities, we have adopted a more purposeful approach to the guest experience, leading with greater compassion and intent while creating a healthy balance between our actions, our communities, and the environment.

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