Register here if you wish to attend a Connection Session as a Buyer.

[Please note all Connection Sessions are on hold due to Covid-19 Lockdown Procedures]

City Date Sessions Registration
CAPE TOWN MICE 11/02/2020 Morning/Afternoon Completed
JOHANNESBURG MICE 27/02/2020 Afternoon Completed
BLOEMFONTEIN 10/03/2020 Morning Completed
CAPE TOWN WINE TOURISM 17/03/2020 Morning/Afternoon Postponed
NELSPRUIT 23/04/2020 Morning Postponed
JOHANNESBURG WELLNESS/ADVENTURE 27/05/2020 Morning/Afternoon Postponed
PRETORIA 28/05/2020 Morning Postponed
CAPE TOWN WELLNESS/ADVENTURE 09/06/2020 Morning/Afternoon Postponed
DURBAN 16/07/2020 Morning Postponed
JOHANNESBURG 'EXP THE BEST OF ...' 29/07/2020 Afternoon Postponed
PRETORIA 30/07/2020 Morning Postponed
CAPE TOWN REDISCOVER SA 20/08/2020 AM into PM  Postponed
JOHANNESBURG REDISCOVER SA 27/08/2020 AM into PM Postponed
CAPE TOWN 'EXP THE BEST OF ...' 15/09/2020 Morning/Afternoon Postponed
DURBAN 15/10/2020 Morning Postponed
PORT ELIZABETH 27/10/2020 Morning Postponed



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